Music Trends

2018 has been a better year for music, with beautiful collaborations, experimental sounds,and impressive debuts. Alongside stellar sounds, there have been a host of stylistically brilliant music videos. From the luxurious flex presented in the Carters’ Apesh8t to the Thierry Mugler inspired glam in Cardi B’s Money, this year reestablished music videos as a vital art form in pop culture. Here are our favorite fashion forward visuals of the year.

The warm, 60’s ish aesthetic we’ve grown to love from Ms.Uchis is magnified in this visual. Accompanied by funkmaster Bootsy Collins and off-kilter kid Tyler, the Creator, After the Storm looks like an old fashion cartoon brought to life. If we had to wear the same thing every day, it would be the looks in this video.

Wardrobe stylist Mindy Le Brock channeled vibes of Los Angeles in Due West by artist Kelsey Lu. Filled with movement and intricate shapes,  this video is filled with standout fashions set against hidden L.A gems.

Nigerian designers unite in singer Falana’s Ride or Die visual. There is a unique pulse coming from Nigerian artists currently that is impossible to replicate.

In I Owe You Nothing, singer Seinabo Sey takes us on a picturesque journey. Each scene is almost motionless, except for Sey who’s sassy performance breaks the stillness. Each scene is a fashion moment on its own.

The Carters – also known as Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, are no doubt pop culture royalty. Both legendary artists have been instrumental in innovating music videos over the years, so when they join forces, something great is to be made. In APESH*T, The couple flaunts around the traditionally color-void Louvre in iconic looks – reminding us exactly who they are.

Cardi B made 2018 her b*tch and we are totally here for it. Featuring strippers, baby Kulture, moments inspired by Thierry Mugler, and Bardi’s best red carpet moments, the Money visual takes us on a wild journey. By the end of it, we almost feel like we know Cardi B a little better… and we need a stylist.